End of Life Doula

Most religions teach us that, in addition to these finite physical bodies of ours, we are comprised of an infinite component known as a soul or a spirit.

So, most of us are taught that after we die, our soul lives on. It is infinite,meaning with no beginning and no end. At least, not as we understand beginning and end. The fact of the matter is that we do not know, precisely, how this all works. Even the scientists will tell you that they do not fully understand the universe. We are constantly learning new things. Some of those things disprove long-standing beliefs that that had before about how the universe works.

Unless you are an atheist or a Buddhist, you probably believe that you have an infinite soul.

Most yogis believe in reincarnation and that the deeds and growth of this life dictate the next life you will be born into until you finally merge back into the infinite.

We know that the quality of our lives is directly influenced by our decisions and actions. It is along this line of thought that I believe that heaven and hell are not something that wait until we die for us to experience, but rather they are far more immediate than that. We’ve all heard the analogy that life is but a journey and our bodies a vessel for that journey. Picture the journey is going down a river, and our body is a boat. One side of the river is heaven and the other is hell. As we make decisions and take actions in our lives, it alters the course of our lives. They either become more heavenly or more hellish. On any given day, you can walk down the street and look at somebody and think that person is living in hell or that person is living in heaven. They are on the same planet, in the same town, maybe even on the same street or room. Yet, their lives and perspectives are entirely different. This is dictated by our energy (or vibe) which is dictated by our thoughts and feelings. And it’s cumulative. We are either spiraling up or down based on our energy.

Our energy is influenced by the thoughts and feelings within us and also around us. That is why they say we are the product of the 5 people we most surround ourselves with.

Following these trains of thought, I believe the end of our life, in this physical existence, to be super important. I believe that the state of mind and enlightenment that we die in, dictates the immediate future for our souls. This is why I offer my services as an end of life coach. These are often difficult times for the person who about to leave and also for those who will remain after they go. My goal is to make this a positive experience.

Dave is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, certified sound healer/sound bath facilitator, and an ordained minister. He was at his grandmother’s bedside and held her hand during her death a little over 25 years ago. He was his father’s advocate, caregiver and aided his father through his death process. He was also his mother’s caregiver as she advanced through stages of Parkinson’s and dementia and still oversees her care today. “I remember my mother telling me, after witnessing me with my grandmother at her time of passing ‘you should do that for a living’. I forgot about that for many years until I began to entertain the idea of ‘doing it for a living’.”

He has a strong spiritual practice and he has hands on experience with the dying process. He is here to help you and your loved one through this next phase of their journey.

10% of all net profits from any of Yogi Dave’s business activities are donated to Lightforce One,  a philanthropic nonprofit that he started to make lasting differences in the world.