10% of all profits go to a non-profit organization, formed by Dave, called Lightforce One. The mission of Lightforce One is to make lasting differences in the world with projects where the work of the donor’s dollar will likely outlive the donor! The website is

Dave is currently working on projects with an orphanage and primary school for abandoned and orphaned children in Uganda. They have over 500 children and also 200 women in a women’s empowerment group

The goal of the work s to make the school fully self-sufficient. When he started working with the school in August of 2018, the school had a guaranteed annual spend of $28,000. They had a guaranteed income of $1,000. The rest of the money would come in as a surprise donation here and there or having some extra tomatoes to sell. None of that income was reliable or predictable. Dave is working with them to build a solid reliable source of income. He is also working on reducing expenses. By introducing agriculture projects and a brick making projects, not only does the school earn money for their expenses, but people are also learning a trades and the whole village benefits.

So far, a well has been dug and they now have an irrigation system. We funded a brick making project. These bricks will are either sold to help with the orphanages operating budget or are used in building out the campus with much needed buildings. So, this helps with construction, helps the operating budget and those who participate in the project learn a valuable trade.

He intends to use the work he is doing with this school and village as a template for projects across the globe as well as here at home with Native American reservations. Currently there are three more orphanages in three in three different countries (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) waiting in line behind this one for this type of assistance.