Sound Baths

Join Yogi Dave every Saturday evening at 7:00 pm for self-care at The Yoga Loft in Woodland Hills, and let the sounds of the gong, crystal singing bowls and other healing instruments wash over you and wash away your stress. Woodland Hills is located in the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles.

Sound baths have been increasing in popularity over the years. More and more Americans are choosing to take in a sound bath rather than going out and clubbing. It healthier, and it’s certainly less expensive!

Sound has been used in the healing arts for thousands of years and modern medicine is beginning to recognize the beneficial powers of sound and the body. Most everybody knows of the experiments where plants would grow toward or away from speakers depending on the type of music being played.

Sound baths consist of a large variety of instruments including gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, ocean drums, rain sticks, chimes.

The gong clears the subconscious mind of all of the garbage, or baggage that it accumulates. The crystal bowls are tuned to each of the seven chakras. The chakras are energy centers recognized by the yogis and the health of those energy centers influences various aspects of our lives. For example, of the root chakra, located at the base of the spine is not balanced you have a tendency to be more prone to experiencing fear and when it is balanced you are more grounded, centered and confident. Similarly, each of the seven chakras affect various aspects of your life.

Dr. Mitchel Gaynor, an oncologist and author of The Healing Power of Sound, found the benefits of healing instruments to be so substantial that he incorporated them into his healing practice.

Phychoacoustics expert and author of The Power of Sound, Joshua Leeds writes “Sound healing is trending up. It’s like where yoga was 15 years ago. People are realizing that sound is a viable medium to address distress, enhance learning, even work with an autistic child.”

Science has learned that everything, at its most basic element, is energy. Sound is energy and it travels through our bodies. Thought, itself, is energy and it travels not only through our bodies, but through the universe. When our pervasive thoughts are negative, it begins to adversely affect our health. Science now agrees with this and most medical professionals will tell you that stress causes disease.

When you come to a sound bath, leave your bathing suite at home and, instead, bring a blanket and a pillow and prepare for some great relaxation. All sound baths are a little bit different based on the facilitator. One facilitator may focus more on astrological events and how they coincide with what is happening in our lives and how the sound healing instruments can and will affect you. Others will focus more on the medical benefits.

Prior to the sound bath, Yogi Dave takes you through a few quick exercises of the mind in preparation for the sound bath.

When performing a sound bath, Yogi Dave focuses on yogic philosophy. When playing the gong he is acutely aware of all of the subconscious baggage that his listeners will be shedding, when playing the crystal bowls he focuses on the chakra associated with that bowl and sees it lighting up and clearing so that the energy can move through it, when playing the ocean drum he will usually be repeating one mantra or another in his head, usually one of forgiveness. When playing the rain stick he visualizes divine energy flowing through the rain stick and into the person that he is playing over. When playing the chimes, he visualizes angels visiting the room.

Attendees will usually lay down, although some will sit and meditate. Many people will fall asleep.

After the 90 minute sound bath, he gently brings everyone out of their restful state and back into the room. At a bare minimum, everybody leaves very relaxed and rejuvenated. One woman who was to his left one night said “All of the tension on the entire right side of my body is gone” That’s the side that was facing him. Another said “it felt like my brain was being massages. And, I though ‘how is that even possible?’” People will report chakras opening up, various awakening experiences, physical relief, and, of course stress reduction.

Bring a blanket, a pillow, maybe a sleeping bag, a blow-up mattress, whatever make you comfortable.

Yogi Dave is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor, a certified sound healer and sound bath facilitator, a potential development coach, and a philanthropist.

10% of all net profits from any of Yogi Dave’s business activities are donated to Lightforce One,  a philanthropic nonprofit that he started to make lasting differences in the world where the donors dollar will likely outlive the donor. More information about Lightforce One can be found at

The sound baths are held every Saturday evening from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm at The Yoga Loft in Woodland Hills. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the door with cash or credit card or they can be purchased online at Eventbrite at

He is also available for private sessions. For more information or to book Dave, just click on the Contact link in the upper right of this page.